2 Boxes. Maghai Mitha Pan (Paan). 14 Pieces Each.



TWO (2) boxes of Maghai Pan. Paan is made from Betel leaves on which various 'fillings' are put. The leaf is then wrapped into a neat little parcel and served, preferably chilled. Indian Paan makers, called Paan Walahs can be seen at every street corner and each has his own secret recipes!

  • Wrapped in edible silver leaf, this well made Paan is a sight to behold!
  • Mouth sweetener, freshener, digestive...the Paan!
  • Symbol of hospitality and friendship...the Paan!
  • Mitha Paan will make your mouth feel fresh and add a sweet taste.

      Collections: WAH! Paan

      Category: Maghai Meetha Pan

      Type: Mouth Freshener

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